Work out a solution

The tragic death of three children at Anjaw district in a blast caused by the undetonated mortar shell is deeply disturbing. The children were reportedly playing with mortal shells collected from the firing range located at Chirang village under Hayuliang circle. The incident is grim reminder of the danger posed by establishment of firing range near human habitation. Most of the firing range in Arunachal used by army, para-military, police etc were established way back in 60s and 70s when the population of state was sparse. But with each passing year, the human population is increasing due to which the people are starting to settle even nearby firing range which puts them at great risk.
This is not for the first time that such conflict has been reported. In Dullungmukh under Kamle district, the local people for years have been demanding for the shifting of a base used by Indian Air Force (IAF). They are forced to live in fear as the Air Force routinely conducts live fire drills which often harm people and animals. This year during the month of June large scale protests was launched by locals demanding the early shifting of the firing range. But so far government as well as IAF is yet to initiate any action in this regard. The incidents like that of Anjaw and Dullungmukh will continue to take place if proper safety measures are not adopted. The state government should coordinate with defence ministry and work out a solution in the best interest of all the stakeholders.