Accountability and integrity of the commission is at an all time low

Dear Editor,
This is in response to the “Letter of appreciation” published in this forum dated the 26th of November 2018.
Respected parents of the appeared candidate, apparently the APPSC MAINS 2018 was not held just for your son or daughter. I am a deprived candidate, and no i wasn’t a protester. I am among those genuine and hardworking aspirants caught in the crossfire of APSC and the group of protestors outside kingcup school. I have my own parents and they out rightly disagree with your views. There’s no denying that an exam of this magnitude involves efforts and sacrifices of one’s family and friends as well. As such, my friends and specially my parents are devastated by the unfortunate turn of events. After toiling for years and making innumerable sacrifices, I couldn’t even get the chance to write the exam of my life for no fault whatsoever of mine. Who do i blame now? Someone has to be held accountable for this mess right? I have my views reserved against the protestors, but I hold the commission fully responsible for the sad plight of dozens of aspirants like me. I am told that the commission was approached by the protestors with more than 800 admit cards a day before the exams started. They should have considered the fact that things could escalate to this proportion and take preventive measures beforehand. Aspirants like me had to pay the ultimate price due to the dogmatic and ignorant attitude of commission in tackling this whole controversy.
So dear parents of the appeared candidate, before heaping praise upon praise on the commission, do please ponder on the following :
Your conceived notion of “integrity” and “accountability” of commission based solely on your son/daughter being able to write the exam does not hold any merit. Infact, the so called accountability and integrity of the commission is at an all time low as of now.
Your appreciation and commendation for the “smooth completion of mains exam” is misleading. The exams held weren’t equally “smooth” for all of us. “Upholding the constitutional mandate” isn’t limited to just mere completion of exam by the scheduled dates. Aspirants like me have been deprived of the constitutional right of equal opportunity.
If you tritely are a genuine parent of some appeared candidate, my appeal to you is to be a bit more broad minded. Today your one child didn’t suffer, but tomorrow another of yours might if you keep on encouraging the wrong doings of commission. Your flowery words for the commission, whose inefficiency and ineptitude is well established, isn’t well received by one and all.
A deprived candidate