Do not entertain unreasonable and illogical demands

Dear Editor,
We the APPSCCE 2017-18 Mains appeared candidates would like to put forward following few lines so as to why the Commission should not entertain any unreasonable and illogical demands by the agitating groups;
Whereas the Commission had declared the tentative date of exam for all the qualified candidates on 16thAugust 2018 vide notification No: PSC-R(A)/09/2016 and as such all the qualified candidates had to manage their time as per the stated notification.
Whereas the commission had time and again positively reiterated that exam shall be conducted on time. Hence it is the duty of every single aspirant to abide by the notification of the constitutional body rather than introducing the whims and wishes of every single candidate. The constitutional body should run as per the laws and procedures of the constitution and no illogical demands should be enforced upon the system.
Whereas the issue of alleged anomalies/errors is subjudiced in the Hon’ble High court and it would be contempt of court if such subjects are made grounds for agitation against the commission.
Regarding request for postponement, it is the discretion of the Commission that matters and the aspirants cannot dictate the constitutional body as per the wish and whims of their individual will.
The reason as stated by the agitating groups i.e ‘Conducive Environment’ is a debatable matter which varies from person to person. Obviously for a well prepared candidate, it cannot be a ground for postponement and hence the commission had made the right decision to forgo with the exam process as per the schedule notified beforehand.(Attached herewith a copy of request letter for postponement depicting no genuine grounds for the same; Annexure-I)
Regarding the number of candidates who boycotted the exam it is to be noted that more than 890+ candidates had appeared the exam on the first day which decreased to 620+ candidates subsequently with passage of each paper. This clearly indicates that it was their own will to walk away without appearing for rest of the papers. In fact the number of candidates appearing doesn’t matter when it comes to abiding by the rules and regulations of the system.
Whereas the mains appeared candidates have followed all the rules and regulations of the system as per every notification of the constitutional body and as such if any undue pressure is entertained by the commission, it would send a very wrong notion to all the law abiding citizens of the state and country as a whole. Not to mention, if illogical demands are entertained then it shall set a wrong precedence in the future ahead and may even invite legal complicacies from the APPSCCE(M)-2017-18 appeared candidates.
Hence, mains appeared candidates would like to request APPSC to uphold the interest of the law abiding aspirants of the exam and please request not to entertain any irrational demand of the vested interest groups.
Lastly we would like to appreciate the stand of the commission and their efforts in successfully conducting the mains APPSCCE- 2017-18.
The main appeared aspirants