Improve Airtel and Vodafone service

Dear Editor,
Airtel and Vodafone service in Seppa Town, East Kameng District is in poor state.
People correspond through Internet, mobiles networking because it is easiest and the fastest mode of communication in the present day.
It is helpful in emergency cases and urgent works as well.
However, the Airtel & Vodafone network of Seppa town is so poor that it is frustrating especially in emergency cases. When we call someone from Seppa , We have to dial more than 10-20 times but it always says “the number you have called is not reachable at the moments. Please try after some time”.
Even the messages are also not delivered on time. Sometimes it is delivered after one day and sometime not delivered at all. And ATM does not work due to network failure.
Therefore, I request the concern authority to look into the matter seriously so that best network service is provided to Seppa Town as soon as possible.
Dokum Taku (Sangno)