Introduction of tribal culture in schools

Dear Editor,
When was the last time, we as common citizens of Arunachal reflected on our past traditions, culture, it’s origin , the migration and the freedom fighters that graced the land of rising sun.
As a non tribal Aru-nachalee, I have always been intrigued with the composite society in which I grew up. But the millennial generation has somewhat become disconnected with the rich past of their own state.
In this line, introduction of Tribal culture studies in the elementary and even in secondary level would go a long way to introduce the present and the future generations to become acquainted with the history of the state in a systematic manner. Along with the ancient and medieval India , tribal culture can be taught in early classes like 6-7th standard. Along with modern India studies , Arunachal’s participation in the freedom struggle followed by the political evolution that took place in the state could give a very good perspective to the students about the journey from NEFA to Arunachal Pradesh. I was lucky enough to be taught Arunachal GK at a very early age that peaked my interest in the affairs of the state. If we want our future statesmen to be more aware and understanding of the condition of state, diversity of traditions and have affinity for amalgamation of different cultures, the best way to start is by first teaching them about the past and the various traditions that exists or have become gradually extinct.
An arunachalee by heart,