Rich culture of NE to be showcased at Maha Kumbha Mela at Prayagraj

ITANAGAR, Nov 30: The colourful culture of north-eastern India will be showcased in the Maha Kumbha Mela, which will commence at Prayagraj of Alahabad from January 14 to March 4 next year,” stated Dayal Krishna Nath, the programme coordinator of “Apna Poorvottar” (Uttar Purbanchal Sanskritik mela) of Mahakumbha Mela, to media.
He said that special plans and programmes had been framed for this purpose.
“The Uttar Pradesh government, paying special reverence to the Northeast, has already approved two acres of land to Sanskar Bharati of the Northeast and given the responsibility of exhibiting all kinds of performing arts and cultures, traditional attires and cuisines in the Maha Kumbha Mela where as many as 12 crore devotees from 192 countries are expected to take part.”
“Sanskar Bharati of the Northeast will present the culture and lifestyles of all the tribes and communities of north-eastern India for 40 days through a special cultural convention titled Apna Poorvottar,” he added.
He further stated that a marathon discussion meeting was held at Sanskar Bharati office on November 30. The members of the Arunachal Pradesh State committees of the Sankskar Bharati were present in the meeting and chalked out the plans and agenda of the programme.
In Apna Poorvottar, each state of the Northeast will get a chance to perform their cultural events for five days and to organize different exhibitions for 40 days.
Sukhdev Biswas, organising secretary, Sanskar Bharati Poorvottar, Tayi Taggu, president, SBAP, General Secretary, Yapi Kodak, Mirnia Game , Organising Secretary and all others executive members explained about the plane of organising the Apna Poorvottar festival in details.