Give all a chance

Dear Editor,
My dream of being selected in the State public civil service has been from my school days but I have never imagined that my dream would bring me harrowing experiences.
Being a serious aspirant, I gave my everything for the exam.
I and my two siblings had to go to Aalo, in west Siang District for appearing the preliminary exam. Our exam centre was supposed to be at Tezu as per the application form we filled up.
Hailing from the remote and the eastern most Anjaw, we had to face a lot of difficulties financially, physically, morally and emotionally to reach Aalo. And coming to Itanagar for appearing the mains exam from Anjaw District was again the most difficult task for a person like us who belong to poor background.
We had to stay sometimes at hostel, paying guest and sometimes at hotel due to unavailability of rooms. Fortunately, with the help of our family who sacrificed everything for me and my siblings, we somehow managed to prepare for exam. But all our dream and hard work became useless on 10th November 2018 at 8.45 A.M when I and my sister reached the exam centre at Kingcup. The atmosphere was completely different from what it was supposed to be. There were shouting, crying, clapping and pushing between police and the protesters.
We were helplessly standing at the corner, praying and waiting for the situation to get normal again but the situation turned worse.
Lathi and water canon were used.
Since, we couldn’t write the exam, we had no choice but to seek for justice, thus we joined the peaceful protest at Tennis court, stayed for more than 12 days with the hope of some positive response from the commission but all have gone in vain. However, being a serious aspirant, I have always had great respect for the commission and I believe that APPCCS is the only institution for recruiting the best for public service in the state.
Hence, all the 1339 mains qualifiers should be given equal rights to sit for the exam in a fair and conducive manner. I am very sure that the commission will definitely come up with amicable solutions for all the aspirants.
A serious aspirant