Thugs of Paharganj

Dear Editor,
Paharganj is an area which is important in New Delhi as it’s nearest to New Delhi Railway Station. People coming by train to NDLS or visiting Delhi stays in this place as there are many hotels and lodges. This is a demanding area but in spite of having Police Station, this area has become a place for pick pocketers and snatchers. Last month when I had visited Delhi my mobile was pick pocketed from this place and interestingly I was only few metres away from the Paharganj Police Station. I would appeal to administration and police to be more vigilant and make sure that tourist and visitors are not harassed or disturbed. If police take proper action then I don’t think that any thieves can be around. Most of the shops are installed with CC camera and with the use of technology pick pocketers or thieves or snatchers can be easily caught. Apart from domestic tourist many foreign tourists also stay in this place, so, it is must duty for the police and administration to make sure that this area is free from thieves / snatchers or thugs.
Ranjan K Baruah,