Governor appeals citizens to support differently abled people

ITANAGAR, Dec 2: The Governor of Arunachal Pradesh Dr BD Mishra in a message on the occasion of International Day of Persons with Disabilities has expressed the hope that the sanctimonious importance of the Day will increase general awareness and will enable mobilisation of mass support for empowering the differently abled people.
In his message, the Governor said that anyone with physical disabilities has to cross the toughest bar, i.e. the mental block which is the disability in real terms. This mental block has to be revoked by the assurance of popular support. Upholding of the cause of the differently abled people is the cornerstone for providing them a meaningful life. The support of the people and the social attitude of the contemporary world, therefore, are important factor in the promotion of the people carrying disability, he said. Let us recognize, vitalize and prioritize the need of the differently abled people and stand by them to make them equal contributing member of the society, the Governor appealed. PRO