I faced the same situation which you faced

Dear Editor,
Some willing qualified candidates are blaming the Commission completely for their own lack of judgment and courage during the Protest on 10th November outside the Kingcup school exam centre. I am also one of the mains candidates from the same exam venue. The situation there was the farthest from being conducive for any exam but I and many others like me entered the exam hall and sat for our test despite all those noises and happenings. What were you doing? Were you frightened so much that you lost all your power of discretion and judgement? And why are you blaming only the Commission for that in toto. Because that’s an easy target to vent out your frustration. Isn’t it so?
I also faced the same situation which you faced. But I did enter the exam hall, including most others. Why are you so special that you couldn’t even enter the exam hall with all those police protection. And guess what? Were the protestors even armed? Certainly not. But your fickle heart got the better of you. And worse still, you don’t have the guts to file an FIR against the very people who, actually, stopped you from giving your exams i.e. those ringleaders orchestrating the events. But as it’s been trending, the Commission is an easy target to blame for your own faults and shortcomings.
I challenge all those candidates who claim to have been “deprived” to be honest with themselves and file an FIR against the fiasco ringleaders since they are so much angry about that. The APPSC is certainly not without faults and errors. But their fundamental rights was violated directly by none other but the ringleaders who physically prevented them( as per their own claims) from entering their right to just give the exam. But I know you better than you. You can only blame and complain against the Commission.
An honest mains candidate