APPSC fiasco

Dear Editor,
I would like to convey my extreme displeasure over the ongoing APPSCCE Mains fiasco. What kind of competition is this where more than half of the qualified candidates are not appearing for the examination? This is a serious issue. Why is the government silent on the issue? If this issue is not addressed urgently, it will have serious repercussions in the future also.
Many appearing candidates were allowed to write examination even after the scheduled time. Many were allowed to write examination with lots of extra time. What kind of competitive examination is this? Seriously, is this a joke?
I, therefore earnestly appeal the Honourable Governor, Chief Minister and the authority concerned to immediately scrap the Mains examination process and conduct the examination only after the anomalies are addressed. If the highest competitive examination of the state is held in such a manner, it will be a great mockery of the whole state.
A common citizen