Adventure team goes on tourism promotion tour

KALLEK, Dec 18: An adventure team comprising 30 members from across the state on Sunday reached Kallek village in Siang district to promote tourism in the area, with ‘Atang Ane’, the largest tree of the state, as the centre-point of attraction.
Titled ‘Expedition Atang Ane’, the expedition was jointly organized by the villagers of Kallek and Itanagar-based tour agency Ane Siang Tours & Expeditions.
“Apart from trekking down to Atang Ane from Kallek village, the expedition team also participated in bird-watching and visited Hiirep waterfall near the village. The basic idea of organizing the expedition was to highlight and promote the tourism potential of Kallek village,” informed Dr Tajir Tamuk, the expedition’s programme coordinator.
Dr Tamuk, who is a native of Kallek, informed that the village, if properly promoted, “has many things to offer to the visitors, such as adventure tourism, wildlife tourism, culture, etc.”
Atang Ane, the Ficus elestica (Indian rubber bush) located near remote Kallek village under Pangin forest division in Kebang circle, is the largest tree of the state under the multi-trunk tree category.
Situated in the northern side of Kallek, it takes two hours of trekking from the nearest motorable road to reach the giant tree.
The tree, which has a circumference of 59.8 metres, was discovered by one Takom Tamuk of Kallek village in 2012.