Release salaries

Dear Editor,
This is to draw the attention of the education dept towards 6 month delay in disbursement of salary of vocational teachers under Samagra Shiksha Abhiyan’s (RMSA).
One of the important principles of administration is “remuneration of personnel”. But we are not getting any remuneration since a long time.
Some of us are only the bread earner of the family, so it’s very difficult to manage the family without a single penny.
It’s assumed that education department is one of the most important depts for development of society, but we the workers of education dept. don’t feel the same anymore.
Delaying our salary and not informing when we will get it discourage us day by day. It’s slowly killing our enthusiasm towards our work.
We didn’t get to celebrate Durga Puja. There was no Diwali for us, now also there will be no Christmas and New Year for us.
So I kindly request the higher authority and administrators to look inti this matter.
A teacher