Salary pending due to inefficiency

Dear Editor,
I would like to draw the attention of Secretary Education and Govt. of A.P to reshuffle the staffs of DSE, Itanagar on regular basis or routinely drill them on their work.
The energetic ones with loyalty towards the duty should be given preference to work under DSE office.
On various occasions they are very adamant and lackadaisical towards work. Teachers are soft target for any criticism from Government end but they forget to scrutinize the activities of staffs of the Education department.
RMSA Vocational Teacher (ISSE now) are yet to get their salary for six months and 22 percent pay hike which is due because of inefficient act from DSE staff.
Therefore, I request the Secretary Education and Govt. of A.P to reshuffle all odd staffs under your capacity. I also request the Secretary to release the salary and approve 22-percent pay hike for RMSA VE Teachers.
Lojoon Nalo,
Ghss Pongchau,