Commission should get its house in order

Dear Editor,
I would like to use your esteemed daily as a platform to point out the hypocrisy of the APPSC. I wasn’t even planning on writing this, however the more I thought about their actions and how stupid they think the common people are, the more frustrated I got.
The video of The APPSC Secretary claiming to have conducted the mains exam on November 10 because the Commission cannot and would not go against the court order is well known. I would like to ask Taru Talo to answer this simple question, “What happened to your erstwhile supreme inclination to abide the by the ruling of the very same court when it ordered the formation of an expert committee to look into the alleged anomalies.”
Furthermore, if there are indeed no anomalies then why is the Commission afraid to be scrutinized by the expert committee? Wouldn’t it be better for everyone if the committee pronounced it’s judgement quickly and if it is in favour of the declaration of results then the Commission can do the same as soon as possible?
And yes, Rs 15 lakhs is a lot of public money and it ought not to be wasted. However, what is more important than ensuring that the most prestigious exam in the state, the exam that is used for the selection of the administrators of the state be fair and just? Doesn’t the Commission think that the life and future of the youth of the state is important?
And regarding the Commission’s sudden concern for the 1339 mains qualified candidates, how exactly will the formation of the expert committee affect them? If no anomalies are found, then the results will be declared and if anomalies are discovered in the prelims, then the exam itself is void and no one has actually qualified for the mains. Also, if the commission did indeed claim to the court that they are concerned about the fact that the formation of the expert committee will adversely affect the 1339 mains qualified candidates, then the Commission should be held accountable for presenting false information to the court because they very well know that less than half of the qualified 1339 candidates actually sat for the exams.
And lastly, regarding the Commission’s claim that if the expert committee is formed, then in the future, anyone who doesn’t qualify will knock at the court. I would like to point out that if the Commission had not committed errors like mass copy pasting, setting out of syllabus questions and “human errors”, then the candidates wouldn’t have had a case to file in the first place. The Commission should get its house in order before highlighting everyone’s mistakes.
A frustrated citizen