Complete recruitment process early

Dear Editor,
After advertising the vacant posts, if the recruiting agency takes years to conduct its written test, it really frustrates the candidates. APPSC had advertised the posts of LDC in 4th July 2017 and UDC-cum –accountant in 1st march 2017 but till date there is no official notification for its written exam.
Commission has adopted new technique to further delay the recruitment process by adding screen /recruitment test. We are not against it but recruitment test should be conducted within 2 months of advertisement and another 3-4 months may be taken for written exam months. But after years of delay, starting with recruitment test first is really unfair and frustrating for candidates.
Earlier applications were scrutinized physically which used to take time. But now commission accept applications online, which means machine does the scrutiny work of thousands of applications in an hour.
The only the excuse with the APPSC for delaying the recruitment process is non-availability of exam centre. But this excuse cannot be digested, because there are many government and private schools and colleges at Itanagar. Every month, there is second Saturday and Sunday and during holidays, schools and colleges do not remain open. Besides, APPSC has its own exam hall.
If really non-availability exam centre is the problem, then unemployed youth would like to know why has APPSC come up with screening test? For this you have to look for exam centers twice, once for screen test and another for written exam. If screening test is so important, why this is not done at districts like the prelims of APPSCCE?
The only job of APPSC is to recruit personnel and nothing else. With the average of 7-8 thousands applicants, current strength of commission is enough to conduct exams and complete the recruitment process in time. Exams of Staff selection commission (SSC) and banks are also conducted in two –three stages, but their recruitment process is completed on time and they do not takes years for its completion. So where does commission keep itself busy?
Being unemployed and aspiring candidates, all we want is that recruitment process is completed on time.