Hope APPSC doesn’t disappoint this time

Dear Editor,
The recently concluded PGT Exam has, in a way left the candidates to speculate with raised brows on the flexibility of the security passes. It was on the day 2 of the PGT exam that some reported cases of use of mobile phones in the toilets have come into light.
Further, when reported to the security personnel, they simply answered, “Peeche wala gate se aya hoga.” Is this the way our exams are conducted? Every time there’s any exam conducted by APPSC, we bury the past and expect with a hope that, this time there’ll be a fair one.
Hope this time the APPSC doesn’t disappoint us in the slightest way. Otherwise, having a reputed institution like APPSC who can’t conduct fair exams should not at all exist.
After a series of protest and agitation this is the latest one being conducted. Therefore, we the candidates hope for a fair and sound conduct of the coming TGT exam, and also appeal to the APPSC to maintain the strictest code of conduct at the entrances and the hall. Also, I request to the fellow candidates to not indulge in any unfair means and write examination with full honesty.
Group of candidates