Teachers recruitment and an appeal

Dear Editor,
The recruitment exams for PGT were conducted on 12 and 13 January 2019 in a proper manner by the commission as they took appropriate measures i.e., Wall clock were provided and frisking was done although it could have been more better if the admit cards were also checked since cases of cheating with the help of admit cards were also doing the round. With that said and done, as per the notification for the recruitment of postgraduate Teacher, the candidates must have a Masters degree in the concerned subject, hence please ensure that this rule is followed sincerely and confirm that candidates of other stream have not been allowed to appear for the PGT post of other subject.
Candidates with M.Com cannot be eligible for PGT of Economics and similarly candidates with masters in sociology cannot be eligible for the post of PGT of English. Also with regard to TGT post, even if the subject or stream are sister subjects such as the subject of anthropology which share its subject matter with biology, history, and geography, it does not entitle Anthropology graduates to appear exam for the post of TGT of biology or history similarly B. Com or Business management graduates cannot be eligible for TGT Economics nor can a botany graduate be eligible for TGT Agriculture or TGT horticulture.
On that very line, Graduate of other stream or subjects should also not be allowed to appear in exam for other subject just on the ground that they had one paper of the related subjects.
Since the commission had taken its own sweet time to scrutinize the documents of the candidates and conduct the examination, I believe that the commission must have already checked that such cases do not exist.
If not the commission must verify again and exclude non qualified candidates or change the eligibility criteria to any graduate with B. Ed before declaration of result so as to facilitate proper completion of the recruitment process and for better transparency please do release the answer keys.
A concerned candidate