Elected leaders involved in TAH scam: Sanjoy

ITANAGAR, Jan 19: The Arunachal Pradesh Congress Committee (APCC) on Saturday claimed that the verification report on the Potin-Bopi TAH compensation scam mentions the names of the MLAs of Raga, Yachuli and Ziro.
Addressing a press conference at Arunachal Press Club here, APCC president Takam Sanjoy claimed to have access to the report and said “there is involvement of elected leaders of Raga, Ziro and Yachuli,” without explicitly naming anyone.
“Assessments have taken place, the report has come; I have access to the report, and from the report, testimony has been properly provided that a large-scale scam has taken place with the involvement of so many leaders, so many officers, and so many citizens,” Sanjoy said.
When asked which leaders he was referring to, he said, “The panchayat is defunct now, so when I am saying elected leaders, who else are left? It is only the MLAs.”
Sanjoy also took a dig at instances of high-profile accused getting admitted in hospitals to avoid arrest, and said, “RKM Hospital should not be a central jail for the VIPs while Jullang central jail is for the poor people.
“The law should be equal; its equal for all and it should target equally each and every one, irrespective of their positions,” he said.
The APCC president demanded that the state government retrieve the compensation amounts disbursed fraudulently to undeserving persons and take action against those involved in the scam.
He said once the retrieval process is completed, “the genuine beneficiaries who have been deprived should be disbursed compensations as per the first DPR on the Potin to Bopi TAH.”
The APCC president meanwhile lauded the urban development director for returning the compensation amount he had received, and appealed to the “non-genuine beneficiaries” to follow suit.