Are you satisfied with the performance of Arunachal Pradesh Public Service Commission?

1. Oh, come on! That’s a good joke. APPSC and efficiency are a metaphor of night and day. Satisfaction from them is nowhere even a valid question.
2. The APPSC has not been ale to conduct a single exam freely and fairly in spite of it being the epitome of examination bodies. The APPSC has now become a liability to the state, period.

3. The marks meant for viva voce should be lowered to a reasonable level, which should be a quarter or 1/10th of one written paper. So that even if the viva voce board members want to manipulate, their manipulation can be restricted. The present total viva voce mark of the combined competitive exam has been very doubtful. To cite one example, if a hardworking candidate tops in all written papers, he/she can easily be set aside by means of huge viva voce marks. I suppose many deserving aspirants must have been out of the final list because of such system in the exam. Lowering of marks in viva voce will be helpful for all – the commission, the aspirants, the board members and the system as a whole. Else… we all know.
4. The APPSC is 1000 times better than other departments and institutions in the state, including the biased media houses.
5. Is that even a question to ask?
6. I don’t think the APPSC or any other committee in Arunachal will ever be able to come clean with competitive exams, bearing the corrupt nature of the bureaucrats and politicians in mind.
7. It’s hard to remember when the last time was when the APPSCCE was conducted without any controversy. I am still waiting for the day when they release a tentative date of exam along with the recruitment notification and we won’t have to keep guessing the exam dates.
8. Why can’t the APPSC release a tentative date for exam whenever it issues a new recruitment notification, instead of always keeping us pondering regarding the dates? Sometimes it takes 2-3 years to conduct one exam after the recruitment notification.
9. Rebooting the whole system is the need of the hour.
10. Should this question even be asked? The recent APPSCCE fiasco is a proof to the dismal performance of the APPSC. Allegations, counter allegations, petitions are all we hear and read regarding our APPSC. When the premier body whose sole job is to conduct and recruit candidates for various posts is marred with controversies, it leaves us, the disgruntled candidates, with little hope and trust. Cleansing of the entire commission is the only possible solution to this issue.
11. The APPSC always has an excuse of ‘human error’. It is neither an autonomous body nor is their motto to search for the best ones. They change their statements according to their benefits. First they conducted the exam, saying they had faith in the court’s judgment, and now they’re challenging the same court when order was given for constitution of an expert committee. Reshuffling of the APPSC staff, from the chairman to Group C employees, is the need of the hour.
12. The commission has time and again proved its inefficiency and has become a burden on the state’s exchequer. A serious cleanup of the inefficient officials is the need of the hour. How come an apex body cannot set a standard paper? Also, how has this so-called APPSC failed to settle the legal disputes against them and straight away conducted the mains exams? This adamant attitude of this useless body puts a serious question mark on its integrity.
13. The APPSC has touched the zenith of inefficiency and incapability in the regime of current personalities authorized to run the office, especially Nipo Nabam, who will go down in history as the most incapable chairman ever of the APPSC.
14. The APPSC had failed miserably and is still miserable. I wish I had never cleared my prelims, so that I could never have been a part of the fiasco. My days are getting harder on me; I am overburdened with despair and remorse.
15. The APPSC has failed to maintain its dignity and wasted time, money, energy and hopes of many aspirants.
16. The APPSC is one of the worst public service commissions.
17. Its high time they set a proper timetable for exams. Should learn from the IBPS and introduce reasoning and aptitude in place of elementary mathematics.
18. The APPSC is the worst of all commissions in the country. It needs immediate reformation and restructuring
19. Sad to say this, but the commission is not able to conduct even one examination in three years. This is not the first time. It has repeating the same thing again and again. Since the commission is an apex and constitutionally body of the state, it should conduct all examinations in a free and fair manner. It has lost its credibility and feasibility. It has got several corruption charges and court cases. Pray and hope that from the next time onwards it will conduct exams in a fair way in the larger interest of the public.
20. Recruitment for various posts are delayed for over a year, the results of the AE civil and many other exams are not being made public. Since it’s almost a year, this shows how inefficient the commission is.
21. The current controversies looming over the exam in recent years have affected the credibility of the commission. It is time to bring in both reforms in the composition of the commission and, importantly, in the examination pattern. To start with, the prelims can be in line with the UPSC pattern – one GS and one CSAT paper common for all.
22. The APPSC has been in the limelight for several times owing to its controversial disposition in recruitment process. It seems most of the intellectual and educated denizens of our ‘Land of the Rising Sun’ are witnessing a sunset instead. Now this infamous institution is the talk of the town.
23. It has become a regular activity of the APPSC to draw controversies. The root cause behind the inefficiency of the commission is the arbitrary appointment of the chairman, members and secretary of the APPSC. The state government is actually the culprit, as it appoints its puppets to the highest recruiting body as chairman, members and secretary, and hides behind the scene during administrative failure by simply stating that the commission is a constitutional body and the government has no right to intervene. But the government should know that the people of this generation are not fools.