Potholes in many roads of Itanagar are being filled with grass and soil. Is...

Yes 71 Votes (13.55%)No 441 Votes (84.16%)I don’t know 12 Votes (2.29%)  

Govt should not pursue mega hydro power projects.

Yes 157 Votes (46.18%)No 163 Votes (47.94%)I don’t know 20 Votes (5.88%)

Govt should consider providing more fire tenders.

Agree 266 Votes (89%)Don’t agree 33 Votes (11%)

Will you take the covid-19 vaccine?

Yes 203 Votes (36.58%)No 278 Votes (50.09%)I don't know 74 Votes (13.33%)

Would the money being collected for Ram temple in Ayodhya be better used for...

Yes 297 Votes (57.7%)No 185 Votes (35.9%)I don't know 33 Votes (6.4%) 

Do you think that candidates getting elected unopposed is in the interest of democracy?

Yes 60 Votes (13.7%)No 361 Votes (82.6%)I don’t know 16 Votes (3.7%)

Will you vote for money or the party ideology during the panchayat and municipal...

Yes 83 Votes (33.20%)No 118 Votes (47.20%)I don’t know 49 Votes (19.60%)

The violence in Vijaynagar was not justified.

Agree 303 Votes (60.72%)Disagree 132 Votes (26.45%)Not sure 64 Votes (12.83%)

Do you agree that participation of non-indigenous people in the state’s local body elections...

Yes 501 Votes (75.23%)No 146 Votes (21.92%)I don’t know 19 Votes (2.85%) 

Itanagar Capital Region administration and TK engineering should take prompt steps to control dust...

Yes 379 Votes (89.81%)No 32 Votes (7.58%)I don’t know 11 Votes (2.61%)

Should stricter measures be taken to ensure that people wear facemasks in public places?

Yes 526 Votes (84.29%)No 81 Votes (12.98%)I don’t know 17 Votes (2.72%) 

Should the government allow the building of a church in Tawang?

Yes 360 Votes (52.63%)No 270 Votes (39.47%)I don’t know 54 Votes (7.89%) 

Do you think the Itanagar-Papu Nallah stretch of NH 415 will be completed by...

Yes 192 Votes (25.50%)No 477 Votes (63.35%)I don’t know 84 Votes (11.16%)  

The government should consider opening a separate hospital for maternity and child health care...

Yes 580 Votes (90.63%)No 39 Votes (6.09%)I don’t know 21 Votes (3.28%) 

Should educational institutions reopen by Oct end?

Yes 234 Votes (37.62%)No 344 Votes (55.31%)I don’t know 44 Votes (7.07%) 

Covid care centres and hospitals should provide compulsory psychological counselling.

Agree 384 Votes (88.28%)Disagree 34 Votes (7.82%)I don’t know 17 Votes (3.91%)

Should Covid-19 tests be made free of cost in the state?

Yes 562 Votes (91.23%)No 54 Votes (8.77%)

The Indian government should start building roads in border villages of Arunachal.

Agree 598 Votes (95.22%)Disagree 30 Votes (4.78%)

Do you agree with the resolution of the Arunachal state legislative assembly to seek...

Yes 322 Votes (52.7%)No 223 Votes (36.5%)I don’t know 66 Votes (10.8%)