Where is job?

After the resignation of National Statistical Commission (NSC) chairman PC Mohanan and member J V Meenakshi on Monday, a hugely embarrassing report on job data was published on Thursday by the English daily Business Standard. The duo while resigning had cited withholding of the publication of the National Sample Survey Office’s (NSSO’s) employment survey for 2017-18 as some of the key reasons for their resignations. Ironically the same report which was leaked today says the country’s unemployment rate rose to a 45-year-high in 2017-18. As per the survey conducted by NSSO between July 2017 and June 2018, the unemployment rate has been recorded at 6.1 percent which is highest since 1972-73. Unemployment was higher in the urban areas (7.8 per cent) than in the rural areas (5.3 per cent).
The report also says youth unemployment is at “astronomically high” levels of 13 to 27 per cent. The damning report revealed a day before the government’s interim Budget has set up a huge controversy with both opposition and centre indulging in massive political fight over it. The NITI Aayog vice chairman Rajiv Kumar termed the report as “not verified” and questioned its veracity. But it is no doubt that report is a major embarrassment for the Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government. Further it has provided a weapon to the opposition to target Modi. Though the political battle over report will continue but employment is becoming a serious issue. The demonetization has severely affected the job market and they are yet to recover from it. The high rate of unemployment is a serious threat in a hugely populous country like India. It can create social problems and cause massive unrest. Instead of resorting to religious politics the government should concentrate in creating job opportunities for the youth.