Symposium held on ‘nano technology’

ITANAGAR, Feb 6: A symposium on ‘Advances in nano-science and nano technology’ was organized by the Faculty of Sciences, Himalayan University (HU) here on Wednesday.
Inaugurating the programme, HU Registrar Dr Vivek Mittal said, “the future belongs to nano technology.”
He said that there are one million nanometers in a millimetre, and nano technology and nano technology is science, engineering, and technology, conducted at the nanoscale, which is about 1 to 100 nanometers.
In his address, department of Physics, Rajiv Gandhi University, Prof Pradip Kumar Kalita deliberated on gradual shift of all science streams in the area of nanotechnology.
“The application of this technology in advancing scientific fields is quite impressive. The future of nanotechnology is expected to have major impact on all the aspects of the world and its ability to further improve daily life is limitless. From changing the way in which medicine and diagnostics procedures is given to the patients to generating new and increasing efficient ways to generate electricity, nanotechnology seems to hold the key into the future of the world,” he added.
The symposium was also attended by HU Director D Bagra, HU Dean Dr Ghanshyam and Assistant Director P Gagoi.