Remove Math’s from APPSC screen tests

Dear Editor,
We would like to share our experience that we gained recently from so called screen test by APPSC for the post of Jt.BDO and Extension officer.
Recruiting Agency like UPSC, SSC Banks etc also conduct recruitment test/preliminary exam before written exam. But these agencies provide every details to the candidates at the time of advertisement regarding the exam pattern of screen test or prelim I.e syllabus , , ratio of candidates to be selected from screen test for mains/written exam etc. But our commission is holding screen test without providing syllabus to candidates.
At the time of screen test of JT.BDO, we were without any idea what to prepare for it, as APPSC did not furnish us syllabus. Even, officials of commission had no idea about it and they roughly told us that in screen test, question will be mostly from GK and English. Some of our seniors also told us that there will be no question from math’s. But to our utter surprise, there was Math’s in screen test of JT.BDO and nature of math’s question was such that only 4-5 question could be attempted. Maths question of EO was even more difficult. Many question were new to us.
earlier , we non-maths background candidates could easily solve 70-80 % in elementary maths paper in every written exams and thus few non-maths background candidates could reach upto viva –voice. But, with the introduction of screen test with unknown maths question, we are being kicked out in the very first stage of competitive exams.
Many readers which include government , general public and of course commission, may say that if we cant solve elementary maths , we do not deserve to be government servant. At this we would like request them to check out the math’s questions of recently conducted screen test of JT.BDO and EO. Why math’s is so important for generalist posts? Why government is reluctant to give fair competition to all stream by reducing the marks of maths or to introduce mental ability along with maths.
Recently chairman of UPSC Mr. Arvind saxena has made a statement that commission is working towards making the exam candidates friendly, but our own commission is indirectly depriving thousands of unemployed non-maths background youths from government job by introducing screen test with different nature of question.
Therefore, we appeal to Khandu government and APPSC to remove math’s from screen test.