Citizenship amendment bill and BEFR

Dear Editor,
The chief minister of the state recently made a irresponsible comment about the CAB whereby he said that people of Arunachal Pradesh should not be concerned regarding the amendment bill since it is protected under the BEFR of 1873. But the Chief minister as a responsible Indian as well as the chief minister of a north eastern state should have cared for his non Arunachalee brothers and sisters in the region. Secondly he needs to ask himself how hard would it be for a government to do away with a century old British regulation when it can change the constitution itself through amendment? Once ratified the government may declare the Bengal East Frontier Regulation of 1873 as no longer valid. For your information in 2017 the current government had scrapped many act implemented by the British and many were identified to be repealed. What if BEFR of 1873 is one among them? I would request the chief minister to look at the bigger picture instead of just appeasing Party leaders. You are answerable to your people, your brothers and sisters and not some top leader of a party.
A concerned citizen