Stop harassing innocent Kashmiris

The recent suicide bombing incident which killed 40 CRPF jawans at Pulwama in Jammu & Kashmir is now being used by the right wing groups to target Kashmiris in particular and Muslims in general across the country. Reports of Kashmiris, especially students and traders, being harassed are pouring in from various parts of the country. The roles of various right wing groups like Bajrang Dal have come to prominence. These people are playing into the evil design of Pakistan, which specifically conducted the suicide bombing, using terrorist organization Jaish-e-Mohammed, with the intention of causing unrest in India. They wanted to isolate the Kashmiris from rest of the country. It seems they are accomplishing their task with the kind help of the right wing groups.
Those people harassing innocent Kashmiris have to understand that the biggest price of terrorism has been paid by them. Thousands of them, especially police officials of Kashmir, have sacrificed their lives in the battle against terrorism. It is unfair to brand all of them as terror sympathizers, and such an act is an immense disrespect to the patriotic Kashmiri Indians. Also, in the garb of nationalistic fervour, attempts are being made to sweep the Pulwama incident under the carpet. Why is no one being held responsible for the death of so many soldiers? There definitely was intelligence failure, and the people responsible for it should be immediately sacked. Pakistan is an enemy state and will continue to make efforts to hurt India. Those who have been assigned the task of maintaining internal security failed in Pulwama this time. Therefore, besides punishing Pakistan for its heinous act, the government of India will also have to conduct an internal probe and punish those responsible for failing to stop this attack within the country.