Rare convex-vented horned toad found in Tale valley

ITANAGAR, Feb 19: Scientists of the Zoological Survey of India (ZSI) recently found a rare convex-vented horned toad (Megophrys pachyproctus) from the Tale Valley Wildlife Sanctuary in Lower Subansiri district.
The medium-sized frog, belonging to the horned toad group, was found from Pange in Tale valley by Dr Bikramjit Sinha and
Bhaskar Saikia of the ZSI, informed Dr Sinha, who is also the head of the ZSI’s Itanagar branch.
They published their finding in the recent edition of the scientific journal Records of the Zoological Survey of India.
The frog was discovered in China in 1981, and since then has not been spotted anywhere, until this report was published in the journal.
The report also mentioned that Tale valley is home to a number of rare and interesting species of frogs as the area is characterized by mixed wet evergreen tropical forests, which are ideal habitats for frogs.
“As vast areas of the state are yet unexplored due to its difficult terrain, many more such new discoveries of frogs as well as other animal groups are expected in the near future, particularly from the protected areas of the Himalayan state,” said Dr Sinha.