Questionable elders

Dear Editor,
It is very regretful that our elders are shaping our own Arunachal into its worst state. Arunachal once known for its peace, brotherhood, honesty and humbleness is seeing the limelight of violence’s, hatred and cheats. Even the right of democracy is polluted.
It won’t be unfair if I define election as the major festival of Arunachal, as in election time you will find a festive mood, every places you visit there will be poster of so called gods and you will get alcohol and meat. Uncle, aunt, brother or long forgotten friends all will have good words or blessing in the form of cash preaching goodness of their respective gods and some bumper winner win SUV and bikes all for free.
So, here it starts leading to the presents situation, roads in worst condition, education institutes rotting day by day, health care nil, unemployment at its peak and then corruption increasing day by day. And now we Arunachali are dividing ourselves according to tribes.
I know its useless to even write so much as what i have written wont bring changes as now a days life is busy, no one has time for such feeling. It is only money and power that we want. The famous saying “pen is mightier then sword ” here its “money is mightier then pen”.
My elders, politicians and officers teach us youngster how to evade corruption not to be a part of it or you will regret the mistake of yours when we will be what you are today.
Dokum Taku (Sangno)
General Secretary,
Watte Area Youth’s Organization (WAYO)
Volunteer, Green Pioneers (GP)