Stop attacks on Kashmiri

The shocking attacks on two Kashmiri fruit sellers at Lucknow on Wednesday by the members of right wing group named Vishwa Hindu Dal is extremely disturbing. The sight of two poor fruit sellers being attacked just because they happens to be citizen of Kashmir will continue to haunt India for long. Much to the relief of everyone some Good Samaritan came to their rescue. If those souls had not intervened, the two Kashmiris could have been virtually lynched. Also to the credit of UP police they manage to arrest all the four accused involved in the attack.
Ever since the Pulwama bombing, there have been several cases of attacks on Kashmiris across the country with traders and students being the main targets. Most of the attacks have been attributed to the Hindu right wing groups. These kinds of attacks will further alienate Kashmiris from rest of the India. The situation in the valley continues to remain tense. These traders and students have been forced to leave their state in search of greener pasture. But unfortunately they are being targeted in rest of the country for no fault of theirs. The right wing groups should understand that not every Kashmiri are sympathizers of terrorist and separatist. Infact majority of them are fed up of terrorism and wants to live peacefully. They are Indian citizens and constitutions guarantee them the freedom to travel anywhere in India. Therefore the attacks on Kashmiri should be immediately stopped. Also such incidents harm the image of India and provide ammunition to the Pakistan to portray India in poor light in the eyes of international communities.