Vote for values

Dear Editor,
The Arunachal Pradesh state legislative assembly election is expected to be held on April-may 2019.
Many campaigns are going all around and all the people are in festive mode.
We can see many new candidate constructing stairs for this coming election and the present incumbencies and all set to compete with them.As a simple denizen of Arunachal Pradesh, I would like to request all the new comers and present leaders to be a true and genuine, don’t just be a materialist but be a paradigm of virtue with a vision towards development.
Genuine leaders always look forward as visionaries and develop themselves and their teams. Don’t just be a leader of voice but be a leader of action as true leaders inspire people through their action.
Refrain from partiality and nepotism and treat everyone with same courtesy.
True leaders contribute and render a strong mutual support system to the people.
Remember this is not the last election.
My sincere request to all the people of Arunachal is that your vote is priceless so please say no to money. Vote for true and genuine leader.
Rinyaa Kamsi,