ACS calls for shifting Good Governance Day’s date

ITANAGAR, Mar 19: The Arunachal Civil Society (ACS) has requested Congress president Rahul Gandhi to raise his voice against the declaration of 25 December as ‘Good Governance Day’ by the NDA government at the Centre.
In a representation to the INC president, the ACS referred to Article 25 of the constitution and said declaring 25 December as Good Governance Day was “unconstitutional and against the secular spirit of the country, as the day is celebrated as a universal holiday (Christmas) across the world.”
It said the NDA’s move directly curtailed the right to freedom of religion enshrined in the constitution.
“In place of 25 December, Good Governance Day may be celebrated on 26 December,” the ACS suggested.
It also criticized the ban on cow slaughter.
“Slaughtering of cows or other four-footed animals is in our indigenous traditional systems. Beef is considered the cheapest meat in the world. Banning of cow slaughter is against the right to consuming meats,” the ACS said.