One dies in road accident

ITANAGAR, Mar 19: A man, identified as Tamo Kali from Tirbin circle in Lepa Rada district, died when the motorcycle he was riding met with an accident reportedly caused by a dumper truck.
The fatal accident occurred in Chandranagar area, sometime between 7 and 8 pm on Tuesday, capital SP Tumme Amo said.
An officer from the Itanagar police station (PS) along with a “PS reserve SSB platoon” was sent to the site of the accident, only to be accosted by an angry, uncontrollable crowd. The Itanagar PS OC later arrived at the scene and attempted to take the dead body to a hospital in the police vehicle.
However, the crowd stopped the police vehicle, dragged out the body, and lifted it onto the dumper truck which had caused the accident. They also attempted to torch the truck along with the body, the SP said.
Amo said he himself then rushed to the scene and persuaded the crowd to calm down. The body was retrieved from the truck and taken to RK Mission Hospital in the police vehicle, he said.
The driver of the truck has been arrested and taken to safety, and the truck has been seized by the police, the SP informed, adding that the police were trying to identify the owner of the dumper truck.