Vote for a change or vote for the same

Dear Editor,
The election season is here, the days when MLA contenders are so approachable that the poor voters are welcomed to have breakfast, lunch and dinner anytime at their sparkling mansion. But as an apolitical voter I am anxious to know as to what drives these politicians who have been in power for more than 2 or 3 terms to contest election. I know money and power for one but how does their conscience allow them to contest in election when they have not done anything worthwhile when they had the chance. Where do they get such confidence to dupe the general public again and again? There are candidates who have been an MLA for 10-20 years but still don’t have any tangible development to show in their own constituency let alone the state. Instead of posting unreal promises and unverified claims on social media platforms these incumbent legislators should post photos of every school, hospital, banks, roads and other public structures within their constituency and tell the voters whether they are themselves proud or not and then ask for votes.
Last year, the Deputy chief minister of the state had “harshly” reprimanded the private agency constructing the highway connecting Itanagar and Naharlagun and had asked them to complete the construction by March 2019. With only 10-12 days remaining for the month to get over, it seems to be an impossible task now. With Model code of conduct in force can the Deputy CM do something? He should know that even local Arunachali deserve a “New Year gift”.
In the last five years, I have not seen or heard a single legislator speaking on unemployment issue that the state faces severely nor did anyone speak about restructuring the APPSC.
Since the legislators are failing in creating jobs in the state they should have at least asked various institutions like KVS and IBPS to conduct all their recruitment exam within the state also so that the poor students of the state do not have to spend money to go to a far away exam center outside of the state. But Jobs is definitely not a priority for the incumbent MLAs whether of BJP or any other party. The local tribal youth of the state are in a precarious position since they cannot even make “Pakodas” like their counterpart in the mainland.
News regarding legislators being angry for not receiving a party ticket is common now a days but I think these exclusion of certain MLAs from getting a party ticket is a good thing.
Now they will understand how it feels when you know you have work hard enough but you dont get the job since the vacancy is very less and someone else got to keep the job due to outside influence. The voters need to reflect on these issues and decide whom to vote for. The voters must not become part of this BJP versus Congress fight since our legislator lacks one basic trait i.e., loyalty. Choose someone credible irrespective of which party he/she belongs to. Don’t choose a legislator time after time, if he hasn’t performed well, go for someone else. As Lord Acton once opined “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely”. One can either vote for a change or vote for the same, choice rest upon the Public.
A citizen, Itanagar