Right wing groups on an upsurge

The horrific attack on a Muslim family at Gurugram near national capital Delhi on Saturday is a direct attack on India’s diversity. A mob comprising more than 40 people barged into the house of a Muslim family and severely thrashed the occupants. A fight over a game of cricket took on a communal colour, resulting in the attack. The family alleged that the attackers kept hitting them while demanding that they “go to Pakistan.” Ever since the BJP government came to power at the Centre, the minorities, especially Muslims and Christians, are becoming targets of Hindutva groups.
Several people have been lynched on the mere suspicion of carrying beef. In most cases, the murderers have walked free and have been feted like warriors by Hindutva supporters. The attacks have now even reached the homes of minority communities’ members. It is a matter of deep concern that the minorities are being treated like second-class citizens in a democratic country like India under the present regime. The complete silence on the Gurugram attack by the ruling leaders led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi is appalling. In earlier incidents, too, they chose to remain silent. This has further emboldened the Hindutva supporters. The right wing groups are doing a disservice to the founder of this great nation. The constitution of India gives equal rights to every citizen. The Hindutva groups are becoming a big threat to the unity and diversity of India. The government of India should wake up from its deep slumber and take action against right wing groups that are talking the law into their hands.