Make the right choice

Dear Editor,
“BE The Change, You Wish To See In The World”. Today is the right time to choose the right one as your representative. At present the line between good and bad is at the thinnest level.
For a change/Revolution the basic factors responsible are; right reason, sacrifices & fighting spirit (fire), favorable situation and unity. The anti-state activities such as Refugee issues, PRC, TAH- highway scams, PDS-scams and many others are perfect reasons for us to choose the right one. The historic sacrifices made in the history of Arunachal Pradesh whose fire is still burning in everyone’s heart and whose wounds are still fresh in our minds, made by The Brave Martyrs and their family, The one who took bullets for us, The one who got bitten and united Sisters & Brothers on PRC issue, their sacrifices are never to be forgotten and deserves justice. “Unity is Strength” the unity among us has made us victorious on PRC issue. Fortune favors the common public this time since the Assembly election is to be held on 11 march 2019, the sole power is in the hands of public, who knows everything.
Today is the right time to choose the right one as your representative, let’s be responsible and let’s make a concrete decision together. One who is aware of the past facts should be wise enough to make a right choice and he/she also should take the responsibility to highlight and encourage the unaware ones. Our state cannot effort to lose any more lives.
Hage Tatu,