Need to cultivate ethics

Dear Editor,
This morning I found a post written by an IAS officer about his experience of election in Mizoram.
His presentation of the election process in Mizoram is quite literally opposite to the present scenario of election in our state. Among the northeastern states, Mizoram has displayed the traits of what true democracy means. With minimal influence of money and power, the Mizos truly know the democratic spirit that the Indian constitution stands for. The Mizo voters are conscious of their right to vote and elect good leaders.
I am much concerned at the lack of fairness in elections in our state. The environment of election in our state is not a healthy one. During elections, people and politicians practice unethical tactics to win or gain as much as possible. Money culture is dominant, and the influence of power and party ideologies speaks more than the candidates’ ethics.
The reason why elections in our state are in such a pathetic condition, I presume, is that our people still do not know the true essence of democracy – what right voting and fair elections mean. It could be argued that Arunachal is yet to realize the true essence of democracy, that is, ‘government of the people, by the people and for the people.’
Our voters have become selfish and morally corrupt. Unless we learn from our sister state, the days are not far when the situation will spin out of control and turn chaotic. The need of the hour is to cultivate ethics within ourselves.
Through your esteemed daily, I urge my Arunachalee brothers and sisters, please cast your votes wisely. Give your mandate to the right persons and do not let yourselves be influenced by the prevailing culture of money, power, relations, caste and political ideologies.
It is said that our representatives reflect our mentality. This time let’s keep aside our differences, think for the state, and give our mandate for the creation of a new chapter in the state’s history.