Vote out fascism

Dear Editor,
This is a message to all the people of Arunachal Pradesh who are currently busy with the elections.
It’s not even two months since three of our brothers gave up their lives and many were injured for us to prevent the passage of the PRC issue in the state assembly. It may be easy for you to forget about it and move on, because you didn’t lose your loved ones during that agitation.
But before casting your valuable votes, remember those who were responsible for that mess, and make sure to throw out those who are working against their own people to appease the outsiders.
The BJP has released its election manifesto, in which it clearly mentions that it will bring back the CAB if it is voted back to power. The CAB was bitterly opposed by all the people of the Northeast states because of its communal nature and because it will change the demography of our and other NE states. One good example is Tripura, where the indigenous Twipris have become a minority in their own state and are being exploited by migrant Bengalis.
So, before casting your valuable votes, make sure you are voting for the right persons, and for the party whose agenda is development, welfare, jobs, proper education, infrastructure and healthcare, and uplift of the poor, besides being secular in nature. And make sure to teach a lesson to communal, anti-indigenous, bigoted and fascist people by voting them out.
A citizen