Improve Airtel services in Longding

Dear Editor,
I take this opportunity to highlight about the very poor and unsatisfactory service of Airtel in terms of voice call connectivity and 4G services at district Hq. Longding since its inception in the district years back.
Airtel, which claims to be the best and most reliable service provider spread over nook and corner of the country but have failed miserably in this district headquarters of the state to the utter dissatisfaction of its customers.
In different point of time different organizations and individuals in different forums had expressed about the pathetic condition of Airtel services and appealed for its improvement but in vain till date.
It seems that Airtel do not care about the customer satisfactions and our genuine grievances mean nothing to them.
We are being deprived of a reliable as well as quality 24×7 communication service causing not only loss of customer’s limited data packs but also valuable time and important online works.
Many of the government correspondences and reporting from districts to state capital now a days have to be carried out through online reporting or e-mails and there are numerous time bound reporting that often get fails due to poor 4G service or poor network coverage.
In this digitised era, businessperson, students, government departments, agencies and even the common village folks too depends on mobile communication with high speed data service for different multifaceted day-to-day works of life.
In fact, there is nothing much more to add here for all the customers are facing the same problem of slow connectivity, poor audio/ voice quality, one way communication and very poor 4G service.
A reputed service provider like Airtel should not only eye on sole profit making but should also pay adequate care to the genuine grievances of its large and ever growing customers.
It is hoped that concern Airtel authorities at different level will initiate needful action to improve the present situation at Longding district headquarters before customers switch to some other service providers active in the district.
A customer