Teachers in a dilemma

Dear Editor,
We, the teachers of Kurung Kumey and Kra Daadi districts, already attended the election training and carried out our assigned duties as presiding and polling officers.
However, in spite of this, we have been summoned to attend election training along with performing duties during the re-polling in the two districts.
The summer vacation has already started and almost all the teachers of other district are enjoying their hard-earned vacation, but the teachers of these two districts are in great dilemma as no order has issued by the authority concerned regarding cancellation of summer vacation, and no order has been served by the election department that the teachers of the two districts should remain in the station till the completion of the entire election process.
This is quite frustrating, not to mention unjust. Most of the staffers who are not on vacation are available; why are only the teachers being made scapegoats in such and every field?
In the light of these facts, I would like to request the election department of the districts concerned to exempt all the teachers from re-poll duties.
Bai Bengia,
PGT, GHSS, Sangram