Dignity of labour

Dear Editor,
Our APST people are full of natural potential and talent. With proper training and education, our people can excel in any field.
However, our tendency to classify jobs as being of high standard or low standard pulls us back. Work is work. In this advanced era, we should change our attitude towards work, and start setting up salons, tailoring shops, cobbler stands, motor repair shops, bakeries, etc.
Some may say these are ridiculous jobs and are done by non-tribals, but how many have failed in these jobs? Many are earning huge incomes, even by setting up stalls and shops at the Naharlagun railway station, but our people are waiting for outsiders to come and do these jobs. Why can’t we do them ourselves, instead of waiting only for government jobs or for free money?
Let’s break out of such mentality and take up such professions. Just think, if all the non-tribals left Arunachal, the APST people would be paralyzed; so, never be dependent on others. Look at Mizoram. All the jobs there are done by the Mizos. Let’s build Arunachal together, create awareness among our people, and encourage them to learn and work without feeling ashamed.
I have no intention of hurting the sentiments of non-APST people; this letter is written only in the interest of our APST people.
Techi Anand,