Wrong precedent

Dear Editor,
I would like to request the protesting groups of the APPSCCE-2018 to discard their adamancy and think not only about themselves but of others and the whole state too. It has become a joke. Do they really think that they will continue their protests till they themselves cross their age limits for these exams and then remain unemployed?
Their activities suggest that they are a really thickheaded group who are hell bent on damaging the lives of innocent serious aspirants as well as themselves just because they think that in competitive examinations, only those questions are to be asked to them, which they seem to know.
And if it’s otherwise, then a grievous injustice is meted out to them. I appeal to them to let the normal schedule of APPSCCE to flow unobstructed and give justice to all the serious aspirants. The Commission would have released many more new advertisements for jobs by now only if these groups had not unduly interrupted the process till today.
It’s simply shows their foolishness and their incapacity to look at their own behaviour, for which along with them all other aspirants as well as thousands of other unemployed youths in the state are paying the price. Many might have even crossed their age eligibility. Aren’t you doing injustice to all these people?
I hope you are aware of the news that in the Jawaharlal Nehru College (JNC),Pasighat, in the chemistry semester exam held in December, 205 out of 369 students i.e.55% of the students failed. And do you know what was their alibi? The failed group accused the department of setting “Out of syllabus questions” which was unfortunately proven to be false by the Experts committee.
I used to think that the protesting groups are only damaging the lives of State administration (the vacancies are not there for no reason), serious aspirants and other unemployed youths (along with themselves).
But I was wrong. Their activities have set a wrong precedent even for the college and school kids to excuse their lack of hard work or smart work by blaming it all on “Out-of Syllabus Questions”.
A frustrated Arunachali