Clarification on failed chemistry paper of JNC

Dear Editor,
This is in reference to the news regarding the number of students that failed in 3rd Semester Chemistry examination of JNC, Pasighat.
Few points have been misquoted.
Therefore, following clarifications may be noted for information and knowledge of student and public :
1. The Expert Committee to examine the complain submitted by the students and department concerned whether questions of Chemistry paper were out of syllabus or not comprised Members both from College and University and not only from faculty members of DNGC as quoted.
2. It has been quoted in the last para that the matter is subjective and students get confused which actually was meant that twisted questions are normally asked from the syllabus which many students confuse and take it as out of the syllabus form. This can happen if the entire course preparatory study is not completed by a student.
So this needs to be comprehended in a proper manner and not misconstrued.
Dr. Nani T. Jose
Controller of
Examinations (I/c)
Rajiv Gandhi University
Rono Hills