NES appeals for restoration of peace in Kurung Kumey and Kra Daadi

ITANAGAR, May 2: The Nyishi Elite Society (NES) has appealed to the citizens, including the contesting candidates, to ensure restoration of peace and harmony in Kurung Kumey and Kra Daadi districts.
The two districts have been witnessing violence since the simultaneous parliamentary and state assembly elections were held on 11 April.
“Anybody taking the law into their hands shall be squarely responsible for any eventualities,” said the NES in a statement.
Earlier, a team of the NES met the chief electoral officer regarding the situation in Kurung Kumey and Kra Daadi.
The NES in its statement said proper sensitization should be conducted and tight security arrangements made well in advance to thwart any law and order problem.
“The right of adult franchise must be ensured to all the registered voters wherever re-polling is proposed,” it said.
The NES further said though it had sought an appointment with the chief secretary, the meeting could not take place as the chief secretary is out of station.