Democracy is dynamic

Dear Editor, 
Amar Sangno concluded his article, Chinese democracy? (Monday Musing, 29 April) by saying, “We are using the idea of democracy to subvert the tenets of democracy itself.” Indeed, democracy cannot survive if we fail to resist the attack of money and muscle power on it.
Democracy is dynamic. It can be reduced to fascism if people take it for granted. Yet, there is no alternative to democracy, the horrifying sight of its careless handling like bulls do in a china shop notwithstanding.
Power cut makes people aware of how essential electricity is. It is really significant that Germany has become a country where the people now are eager to nip every trace of fascism in the bud, after experiencing the height of fascist inhumanity in the Nazi holocaust.
Democracy has to survive in India to make the very concept of India, which is based on pluralism, blossom.
Sujit De,