The enchanted curacy

— Nang Kham Weingken

A realm of unstoppable dogma
Where anything could rise when it is meant to be
Even if you are alive, your vision might not support
She felt the rain is her tears
And cloud, the masterpiece of messenger
She got paralyzed internally…
Suddenly, a ray hit her,
Her mind stopped for a while!
Just like the usual silence before the explosion
Oh! She suddenly felt something in her mind
It was like the branch of the brain is healing up
The situation she broke out,
Has become her strength
Aah! Her vision sums up with the growth,
Which shrouded her unconsciousness.
Everything she lost earlier,
They are her blessings now
The realm she broke up with,
Is her the land where hope and peace
Are always upheld, even in a colossal storm