Rotavirus accounts for 40% of children hospitalization: DMO

YUPIA, May 29: “Rotavirus accounts for 40% of hospitalization due to diarrhoea amongst children and in India, about 78000 children died annually due to diarrhoea,” informed Papum Pare District Medical Officer, Dr.Subu Tasso Kampu during a one-day district level ToT (Training of Trainers) workshop for Rotavirus vaccine introduction programme organized by District Health Society, Papum Pare district, Yupia at ZPC conference hall hereon Tuesday last.
Dr.Kampu also informed the participants that Rotavirus is a new vaccine which will be launched in the state soon and it will be included in Routine Immunization as per WHO recommendation in India.
While stressing the need to vaccinate infants with Rotavirus Vaccine which will prevent 37 to 96% of severe diarrhoea, she further directed all MO in-charges to conduct ToT at block level to the ASHA and AWW, PRI leaders create more awareness on introduction of the new Rotavirus vaccine.
She also stressed that it is important to sensitize the people on mandatory preventive measures like pre-boiled and filtered water, proper hand washing, maintenance of health and hygiene, special attention to infant, proper breast feeding, vitamins supplement, supplementary food after 6 months of age.
In all, 72 participants including; MO in-charges of PHCs, CHCs, health and wellness officer, ANMs, of Papum Pare district and Capital Complex attended the training which had DRCHO Dr. Worar Taku, DANO Dr. Tania Raju and MO Dr. Tasser Tania as resource persons. (DIPRO)