Conduct SSB exams in time-bound manner

Dear Editor,
A year ago, the Arunachal Pradesh Staff Selection Board (SSB) was created with great enthusiasm to conduct the exams for C and D grade posts, but there is still no notification from the SSB for conducting the exams.
We were very enthusiastic and optimistic that there would henceforth be no scope for corruption in the process of job recruitment in Arunachal. But having said that, there is are several vacancies in every department, but they still don’t advertise the vacancies.
The reason could be that there will be chances of backdoor appointment in many departments, without exams, as I have seen in departments like education and health.
I urge the authority concerned and the state government to take early measures to make the SSB strong and conduct the said exams in a time-bound manner.
A deprived candidate