Saubhagya’s failure in Dollungmukh

Dear Editor,
Narendra Modi’s Saubhagya Yojna has failed in Dollungmukh, and we, the residents, are still dependent on kerosene to light our homes at night. Since its establishment, there is no proper electricity supply to the area.
The scheme has succeeded in every other corner of the country – most of the time, even the remotest villages in Arunachal enjoy electricity supply – but it has failed in Dollungmukh. Who do we blame for this – the contractors, the implementing agencies, or the lawmakers?
During the democratic festival, mere promises are delivered, and one of them is to electrify the villages. Schemes are printed and bound in files, the work is carried out without any effort, and people get only two-three hours of electricity while the department concerned puts the blame on transformer damages.
The situation is taunting us as we are being denied our basic right. It is my humble request to the state government to look into the matter seriously and punish all those who are involved.
Tapu Gab,