Rectify age limit

Dear Editor,
We would like to highlight the recently advertised posts under the Papum Pare district and sessions judge.
According to the advertisement, the maximum age limit is 33 years. Surprisingly, there is no mention of age relaxation or reservation for APST candidates in the advertisement. But as per the state government’s policy, there is reservation and age relaxation for APST candidates.
We visited the office of the district and sessions judge in Yupia. We came to know that they have notified the age bar limit as per the state government’s policy, which seems to be not the latest one because, years back, the state government had increased the upper age limit to 37 years for APSTs. We were also advised to meet the law secretary in this regard.
Through your esteemed daily, we wish to convey to the authority concerned and the madam judge that we are just poor aspirants and cannot roam from office to office. Why does the government always wait for complaints from the public to work?
Considering 37 years as the upper age limit for APSTs, many have applied for the posts. If these applicants are rejected, it would be an injustice to them and legal issues may come up.
Therefore, we request both the law secretary and the district and sessions judge to rectify the upper age limit in the recently advertised posts as per the state government’s policy, so that hundreds of poor candidates may get one last chance to sit in the exam.