Honour the court’s decision

Dear Editor,
This is just a simple request to the APPSC and the protesting groups. I, as a poor unemployed youth of the state, request both the groups to honour and accept the verdict of the Gauhati High Court (which anyway doesn’t seem will be coming anytime soon).
Let us understand that everybody who were or are fighting in this world thinks that they are fighting for the right cause. The capitalists think they are absolutely right. The communists think they are fighting for bringing equality and justice into this world. The Nazis, the Mujahideens, even the Al-Qaeda and the ISIS think they are fighting for the cause of God. Both the APPSC and the protesting groups think they are right (for whatever reasons). I just don’t know who is right and who is wrong. I can only request them to honour the verdict of the high court and accept its decision and not drag the issue for another decade. Let’s accept that we can be wrong, too – sometimes at least. It’s perfectly okay. It happens with all sentient beings who have ever lived on this planet. Nobody is judging anybody. Let’s take the accountability for our mistakes and shortcomings and improvise upon that. Dragging the issue for another decade is not going to help anyone, including you yourself. It is only damaging the whole future of the poor youths of our state as well as the state administration.
Some of you might wonder why this guy is writing all these without hiding his identity. It’s because I take full responsibility for what I say, do or write. If anybody finds any fault in it and proves it, I am ready to accept it and say to him or her, “Yes, I was wrong. I am just human. I am sorry for this. I will take care next time.”
I also request this esteemed daily to conduct an online poll survey regarding this in advance. Should both the parties accept the HC’s decision, or should they drag the issues on and on?
Dite Pertin